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Company Overview

Habib Construction Services [HCS] is one of the fastest growing and most admired infrastructure development companies in Pakistan. It has expertise in executing large and complex infrastructure projects. The company is driven to deliver projects ‘On-Time without Cost Overrun’ using world class project management techniques and has uncompromising standards of quality, safety and sustainability.

HCS is a diversified infrastructure conglomerate with specialization in highways, motorways, flyover & bridges, buildings, power & energy, airports, dams etc. The Company is responsible for landmark projects that have defined the country’s progress. Today, the company stands tall in the construction industry of Pakistan as the pioneer of ‘Fast Track’ project execution culture. Transforming challenges into opportunities has been the hallmark of the company, ever since its inception.

Every HCS initiative hopes to empower the lives of the people connected to it. The progress of our people powers the progress of our company. Every accomplishment becomes a foundation for us to do better, to dream bigger, and create a better future.


CEO's Message


Being associated with the construction profession, I always had a desire to establish a construction company strong enough to curb many of the prevalent ill practices such as time and cost overruns, quality lapses and other malpractices associated with the profession.

With these objectives, the formation of Habib Construction Services came into being. Simultaneously there was a desperate desire to get a space in the market with recognition and admiration on the basis of performance alone. As a company that is re-writing the future through construction, providing fast-track services alongside operating sustainability is central to our mission. Timely completion has always been a dream for the clients in general and in this fast-paced world we ensured that our dedicated and untiring team of workers and staff have the skills to innovate and meet our clients’ needs. Almighty helped us and very soon the committed hard work started paying off with Habib Construction Services completing numerous projects either on-time or even earlier.

I am thankful to my staff and workers and hereby acknowledge their hard work. I also take this opportunity to pledge that I and the Habib Construction Services team will endeavor to devote our full efforts to exceed our clients’ expectations and ultimately impact Pakistan’s economy in positive, meaningful ways.

Shahid Saleem


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Board of directors










Corporate Statement

Habib Construction Services aspires to become the leader in the construction industry in Pakistan. The company aims to raise the construction standards in Pakistan to global levels by setting benchmarks for other construction companies to follow.

The company is renowned for maintaining the highest level of quality and meeting timelines. The company has a corporate culture of fostering and encouraging leadership, and that allows its employees to grow and prosper at a rapid pace.

Our Team


Waqar Haider Naqvi
Waqar Haider Naqvi Senior General Manager
Khalid Mahmood Alvi
Khalid Mahmood Alvi General Manager Technical
Syed Shahid Raza
Syed Shahid Raza Project Manager
Habib AHmed
Habib AHmed Project Manager
M. Hanif Abid
M. Hanif Abid Project Manager
Abid Hameed
Abid Hameed Civil Engineer
Ahmed Hassan
Ahmed Hassan Project Manager
Muhammad Sabir
Muhammad Sabir Electrical Engineer
Azam Hameed
Azam Hameed Electrical Engineer
Ahmad Ali
Ahmad Ali Project Manager
Hafiz Faisal Iqbal
Hafiz Faisal Iqbal Site Engineer
Kazim Nawaz
Kazim Nawaz Site Engineer
Aijaz Rasool
Aijaz Rasool Site Engineer
Kashif Bashir
Kashif Bashir Site Engineer
Mubashir Ali
Mubashir Ali Site Engineer


Abdul Kareem
Abdul Kareem Material Engineer
Baber Latif
Baber Latif Material Engineer
Malik Tanveer
Malik Tanveer Material Engineer
Mr. Abdul Rauf
Mr. Abdul Rauf Quality Assurance Manager


Mr. Ziad Tariq Dasti
Mr. Ziad Tariq Dasti Manager Information Technology
Mr. Faisal Riaz
Mr. Faisal Riaz Media Coordinator


Mushtaq Ahmad Smore
Mushtaq Ahmad Smore Contract Specialist
Nauman Javaid
Nauman Javaid Delay Analyst


Saleem Akhram
Saleem Akhram Senior Surveyor
Qaiser Ayub
Qaiser Ayub Senior Surveyor


Muhammad Nawaz
Muhammad Nawaz Senior Construction Manager
Ghulam Shabir
Ghulam Shabir Senior Construction Manager
Abdul Ghaffar
Abdul Ghaffar Senior Construction Manager
Rana Mazhar Iqbal
Rana Mazhar Iqbal Senior Construction Manager
Sarfaraz Khan
Sarfaraz Khan Senior Construction Manager
M. Suleman
M. Suleman Construction Manager
Hafiz Ghulam Shabir
Hafiz Ghulam Shabir Construction Manager
Mumtaz Hussain
Mumtaz Hussain Construction Manager
Muhammad Jahangir
Muhammad Jahangir Construction Manager Pavement
Habib ur Rehman
Habib ur Rehman Construction Manager
Baber Mehmood
Baber Mehmood Construction Manager
Gul Marjan
Gul Marjan Construction Manager


Ghulam Hussan
Ghulam Hussan Chief Quantity Surveyor
Imran Shahzad
Imran Shahzad Chief Quantity Surveyor
Syed Qamar Raza
Syed Qamar Raza Chief Quantity Surveyor
Nazir Ahmed
Nazir Ahmed Senior Quantity Surveyor
Samab Ali Ahmed
Samab Ali Ahmed Senior Quantity Surveyor


Nasar Iqbal
Nasar Iqbal Finance Manager
Ghulam Akbar
Ghulam Akbar Manager Accounts
Naveed Ul-Mulk
Naveed Ul-Mulk Manager Accounts & Audit
Saqib A. Paracha
Saqib A. Paracha Manager ERP & Taxation
Ghulam Dastagir
Ghulam Dastagir Manager Accounts
Arsalan Yasin
Arsalan Yasin Manager Business Development


NameDesignationNo of Shares
Mr. Shahid SaleemCEO / Director77,399,850
Mr. Muhammad Azam BhattiChairman / Director16,200,000
Mr. Mohammad ShabirDirector14,400,000
Mr. Mohsin HussnainDirector1,800,000
Ms. Afia SuhailContract Specialist 1,800,000
Mr. Haji Muhammad NawazSenior Construction Manager5,400,000
Mr. Abdul Ghafar DogarSenior Construction Manager5,400,000
Mr. Ghulam Shabir KilikhailSenior Construction Manager5,400,000
Mr. Nasar IqbalFinance Manager3,600,000
Mr. Abdul Karim KanjuMaterial Engineer3,600,000
Mr. Ghulam AkbarManager Accounts1,800,000
Mr. Ahmad HassanProject Manager1,800,000
Mr. Rana Mazhar IqbalSenior Construction Manager1,800,000
Mr. Sarfaraz Khan NiaziSenior Construction Manager1,800,000
Mr. Mumtaz HussainConstruction Manager1,800,000
Mr. Syed Shahid Raza H ZaidiProject Manager1,800,000
Mr. Hafiz Ghulam ShabbirConstruction Manager600,000
Mr. Imran ShahzadChief Quantity Surveyor600,000
Mr. Muhammad SulemanConstruction Manager600,000
Mr. Qaisar AyubSenior Surveyor300,000
Mr. Abid HameedCivil Engineer300,000
Mr Muhammad Jahangir KhanConstruction Manager Pavement300,000
Mr. Muhammad Baber LatifMaterial Engineer300,000
Mr. Malik Tanveer HussainMaterial Engineer300,000
Mr. Ghulam HassanChief Quantity Surveyor300,000
Mr. Habib AhmadProject Manager300,000
Mr. Baber MehmoodConstruction Manager300,000